Careers in Fashion

Career in fashion technology under Bachelor programs like B.Design/B.Ftech is a 4 years degree offered by NIFT, NID, and other leading design institutes in India. They offer variety of disciplines in under graduate programmes. Career in design for Student who wish to pursue design courses in these leading colleges should start planning him/herself as early as end of 10th standard. Students should be clear about which design field they are going to opt for after 12th standard studies. Accordingly to student Creativity, interest and aptitude he/she should choose the subjects in 11th standard, say for example, in NIFT you want to pursue B.F Tech Apparel Production course then in 11th & 12th you must take Maths, Physics and Chemistry (MPC) as your core subjects, but if you want to pursue NIFT-B.Design course, then any combination of subjects can be chosen.

For pursuing education/ career in design fields after 12th standard, students should beforehand decide on which colleges they are interested to apply and plan their subjects likewise. Many renowned institutes require science as a compulsory subject in 12th for admission while some institute have no such conditions. Hence, students should before handed plan and decide the stream of education they want to opt for. Passing 12th standard is compulsory for admission into designing. Hence, Child should create the balance between both regular studies and entrance exam preparations.

As for a student it becomes difficult to concentrate both for 12th board and entrance exam preparations, we suggest that serious candidates should start preparation from 11th standard onwards.

Design in career guidance and planning is proven methodology to access childs observation ability, creativity, aptitude , problem solving ,critical thinking ability.

Education field has seen radical and some truly astounding changes over last few years. Career in Designing is gaining equal popularity and scope in comparison to conventional courses like (Engineering, Medical etc.). The field of designing is also having good placements and income just like other fields.

Careers In Fashion

Reasons to Choose Fashion Technology as a Career

  • Vast range of work opportunities- The wide range of products in fashion industry entails a fantastic variety of professional roles to choose. Designing suits to people having creative eye; other choices include costume designer, fashion photographer; those who enjoy being more hands-on throughout the garment production process, there are roles such as upholsterer, sample machinist and pattern graders; those targeting people management and social skills roles such as stylist and personal shopper are plenty, where as those looking to exercise their authority could pitch in as production manager, marketing manager or head of innovation.Fashion industry also involves science; analytical textile technologists and project scientists play vital roles in the industry.
  • Horde of challenges- If you have acumen to meet challenges head on or deal with work pressure, the fashion industry is an ideal place for you. Remember, it’s a fast paced world where trends rotate and fade every day.
  • Learn and relearn- The fashion industry is fast paced, exciting and full of creativity and glamour. Higher positions in industry include opportunity to travel, which is one of the reasons why such profiles are most sought after. Besides a chance to travel, one gets the chance to work with clients from different background and culture, thus adding to work experience. But this also means increasing work pressure to perform and deliver the best. It is important to weigh pros and cons of the profile before choosing your work area.
  • Unlimited progression- Fashion industry is a place where one must learn nitty-gritty of ground level work as well as management mantra of top ranks. Starting your career from junior level simply refines you as a professional. The journey of reaching to high rank from junior level let you acquire fine details, relevant knowledge and skills to enhance your overall performance and confidence. The fashion industry has ample room for progression in terms of profile and money.
  • Fostering bonds- If the idea of setting up your own business is lingering in your mind, your contacts and clients may serve valuable tips to nurture your business. The fashion world would teach fostering bonds with people from different strata and backgrounds. They may prove useful in any business venture you might plunge into.

After pursuing the respected course of your choice, you can opt for one of the many given career options listed below:-

  • Fashion Designer - No introduction is needed for the fashion designer. They play a pivotal role in the fashion industry by making a new product about the most modern trends predominating in the market. Fashion designers visit big events linked to fashion and design, such as trade shows, fashion shows, etc.
  • Fashion Illustrator - Well, a fashion illustrator job is to make an original sketch of what the fashion designer wants and explains. An illustrator is the running hand of the mental arts and thoughts of the designer.
  • Fashion Stylist - Fashion stylist is not responsible for designing or creating clothes. Fashion stylist plans a look. They correlate with clients and deliver a look for them as per the occasions. Being a fashion stylist, all you have to do is to choose the suitable outfit which will gratify your client the most.
  • Fashion Coordinator - Fashion coordinator, has the job of taking care of marketing policies and its organisations. They are not linked to the designing business. The duties of promoting products, organising fashion shows, etc. lie with the coordinator.
  • Fashion Consultant - A fashion consultant in the fashion industry should be informed of trends and shifts in the realm, and should know about fashion designing as well. They periodically offer opinions concerning the development of a product. He/she is needed to be an alert observer who is receptive to the changing fashions.
  • Fashion Merchandiser - A fashion merchandiser has the main responsibility for marketing. Examining past and newest trends and sales data is among the significant key deliverables. He/she assembles all the details from buyers and coordinates with the designer/production team for the development of a product that fits the market demand. Having know-how of fashion drifts, fabrics, textures, colours, etc. along with a knowledge of market demand and production procedures are expected from a fashion merchandiser.
  • Textile Designer - Textile designers work both individually or as part of a design team in both industrial and non-industrial settings. They are accountable for creating 2D patterns, both repeated and unique for knit patterns, weave, and printed fabrics, etc.
  • Fashion Journalist - The fashion journalist must write or record about the newest fashion trends for a magazine. To be a fashion journalist, one should know the latest fashion trends and remain in touch with the news related to the fashion world.
  • Leather Design- It consists of leather goods and accessories. The designer is required to assist the team by participating and creating strong collections according to the wishes of the creative director.
  • Accessory Design- They design and make shoes, jewelry, eyewear, bags belts, scarves and other items as well as study the recent trends, sketch and production of their work.

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