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Live Classes

Best in class technology platform to ensure smooth and hassle-free experience. Chat, Clear doubts, Answer Questions and Connect with your peers - ALL DURING LIVE CLASS

Practice and Revision

Learning doesn't just happen during the class. Our learning platform ensures a constant supply of sectional tests, mock tests and recorded lectures so that you are always on your toes.

Flexible Learning

Learning in today's digital age will not be limited to sitting in a classroom or sitting at home and watching online lectures. Our highly appreciated live learning app has all features and enables you to learn anywhere anytime.

CLAT Preparation

After understanding the exam pattern and the syllabus of CLAT, students should begin exploring for reliable study material. They should be informed of the time limits; hence rather than going through a lot of books, going for the regular books and CLAT preparation online will be the best approach.

Make a Daily Study Plan

To crack the CLAT exam, having a daily plan with the proper approach is very useful. Either you join a good coaching institute or do self-study for CLAT online; a study plan needs to be made because it assists with the much-needed accuracy about how much time it will take to complete the whole syllabus.

Time Management

Time management is critical in every exam. So, prepare to divide the time for separate subjects and solve the questions within the assumed time frame.

  • Distribute equal time to each section.
  • Aspirants need to make the proper study plan. Without an appropriate plan of study, you are going on the wrong track to prepare for the exam.
  • Attempt to answer the questions within the time frame set to every section. It will help you boost your performance and speed to answer the questions.
  • Candidates should focus on lessening the time according to the question.

Attempt Mock Tests for CLAT for a Productive Preparation

Mock tests are recognised to be an essential component of CLAT preparation online. Mock tests will incorporate a timer as well as will give you an estimation of the time left while trying an examination. Additionally, mock tests will provide you with a check of the reality of your preparation; as well as by examining the results of mock tests; you can put your best on your low points to additionally elevate your preparation.

If you are going to register for the CLAT exam, then these tips will help you to increase your efficiency, surely.

Why is It Important to Choose the Right Platform to Prepare for CLAT?

It is never simple to create a perfect strategy for the CLAT exam. Unwavering confidence, perseverance, and passion for succeeding stems from within, but these do not quite value unless it is supplied with precise guidance, mentoring, and assistance. Although there has been no substitute for hard work, one requires to employ efficient strategies that improve preparation. It is where coaching classes appear in the picture. Coaching classes make use of a comprehensive, elaborate, and highly efficient tried-and-tested system that is a proven method for success. Strategizing, proportionate resource distribution, and time management are some of the skills that coaching classes help increase.

Study Plan

The right CLAT Coaching platform should provide you with a complete study plan that assists you to chart out your pathway in the fulfilment of your goal. Even if you do not choose CLAT coaching at a coaching institute, you must have that CLAT coaching study plan to prepare for CLAT at home independently.

Hence, you must select the right platform for the preparation of the CLAT entrance examination. Proper guidance brings the recipe for the student's success. The CLAT coaching study plans have always stood the test of time. They have been used by innumerable students who either choose CLAT coaching programs or the ones who decided to study on their own without taking up any CLAT coaching.

The strategy completely depends on you. You can choose your desired platform and prepare for the CLAT exam!

When is the Right Time to Start Preparing for CLAT?

Preparing for the CLAT exam is no walk in the park. For one, the large number of test-takers, more than 50 000 every year, makes it very competitive. Second, CLAT is estimated to be more complicated than most exams worth their salt. So, just a simple exam preparation may not cut it. Many CLAT candidates even want to understand whether there is the best time to prepare for CLAT 2020. Now the response to a question like what is the “best time to prepare for CLAT 2020” is not a simple one, as each student is intellectually and physically different.

  • If you go through the entire syllabus of the CLAT exam, you will see questions related to a 5-year integrated law program asked from five sections.
  • If you look closely, the syllabus includes a range of topics from English to the aptitude of general mathematics.
  • Now to obtain a good score, and good rank, one requires to do well in all of these sections.
  • If the candidate is proficient in all of these sections, then he or she may need a little time to finish the syllabus. Thus, even if they begin their CLAT 2020 preparation late, they can catch up.


Why is the PRIME the Best Organisation for Your Child?

If you have been looking for an organisation or coaching centre that can help your child in preparing for the CLAT exam or any other competitive exam, then PRIME is the best option! PRIME Tutorials follows an innovative approach to teaching the students for their competitive examinations. At this organisation, you will meet the trained and qualified faculty that uses personalised and focused teaching processes and create strategies that are needed currently to achieve success in the field of study.

PRIME helps students in connecting with the subject matter they need to master. They identify the potential of every student and teach them accordingly by providing the highest quality of education. The staff members provide all the needed assistance to the students and never let them feel burdened with the syllabus. The students are made available with all the resources and study material to crack their exam with full preparation.

With a friendly-environment and enthusiastic teaching staff, learning becomes easy for all and ensures the highest possible results. PRIME makes sure that no student is left behind in getting the best education and training for cracking their intended examination.

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