NID Preparation

Tips for preparing for NID entrance examinations.

NID entrance exam, sometimes also mentioned as NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is an entrance exam that a NID design candidate needs to crack as a primary step for getting admission into NID. Upon strongly qualifying in the NID DAT, the applicant is called for a Studio Test, accompanied by a personal interview.

NID DAT is All about Balancing Skills

All design schools have a different viewpoint on design. NID does not consider the score of other design entrance tests. NIT DAT is a test that centres on how the design is brought out.

Be Creative

It is challenging to foretell NID questions. Attempt to give smart and innovative answers. Make sure that you should have ample practise and make the best use of the chance as you can display your skill.

Get Close with Design, Symbolism, and Customs

Questions are usually left open-ended and intend to test whether y__Focus on Enriching Sketching Formou can perform the design properly. Make sure that you understand the design customs as it encourages you to answer properly.

__Focus on Enriching Sketching Form

Your customised sketch will surely get you the better marks. Try locating varied types of colours and strokes while practising.

Time management

The other most basic skill one should learn is time management. Candidates must learn how to present their thoughts in that limited span of time of the examinations and then only their creative ideas will be of use. Thus, management of time as well as maintaining a certain speed is of utmost importance.

Solve past question papers

Before the NID examinations it is important to solve the earlier question papers to have an idea of and practice what questions could possibly come. Mock tests every day is also equally important. One must practice on a standard A4 size sheet of paper as would be used during the examinations.

Setting a time table

To ace and achieve anything in life one must be organized. Hence students are advised and encouraged to set a time table for themselves to plan for the NID DAT entrance examinations.

Practice drawing

An important tip while drawing is to practice with a light hand first, in doing this candidates will be able to save a lot of time as there would be lesser chances of erasing what has been drawn. Also, practice with dry colors will help save time as they are convenient

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