NIFT Preparation

Ensure you have a precise and clear idea of the syllabus first. It will make sure that you do not waste time studying any irrelevant matter. Adhere to the prescribed outline of the NIFT entrance exam. Remember, this allows you to focus intensely on the particularised content.

Paper Pattern

To prepare properly for an examination, candidates need to know the paper pattern and style. You need to try the variety of questions asked in the entrance test, solve previous year papers, and take mock tests to make yourself familiar with the question pattern. The entrance test includes two main parts – Creative Aptitude Test and General Aptitude Test.

Sketch a Lot

Whatever you like to sketch, just do it. Be different and take it as a test – try out trending stuff sans discrimination or predilection. Hunt through dailies, newspapers, magazines, and websites. Extract hints from commercials and posters you see.


If you know calligraphy properly, it is beneficial in designing banners and billboards. In case you are not a professional yet, make it a point to study diverse styles of lettering as they allow you to implement a lot delightfully.


Increase your speed. Your excellent design abilities and creativity are ineffective in case you cannot perform quickly. The primary purpose is to show your imagination and uniqueness within a short time frame. Make sure you are capable of doing things sleekly without becoming nervous as stress slows you down.

There is no such thing as RIGHT TIME. The moment you are determined to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam, the right time germinates on its own. However, based on our past experience and interaction with NIFT Entrance Exam Toppers - we feel you should start your preparation immediately after Class X and once Class XI classes commence. Here are some pointers to ace this exam:

Upgrade Observation & Visualisation Skills

The most basic goal of the test is to measure your creative and artistic skills. Apart from that, the questions are raised to assess your general awareness, observation skills, and visualisation as well. There’s a myth among students that only good sketching is required to score high. It is not true, as improving the skills above are evenly important.

Improve Your General Awareness

You don't have to cram every GK book. Awareness about current events is more prominent. For this, make reading newspapers a rule. Furthermore, you should also know about famous designers who have provided in this challenging field. Spend time reading fashion & design books/magazines.  Always make sure that no section or area is left out.

NIFT Preparation

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